My Vision

My vision is for every individual to play the infinite finance game. To not be taken advantage of by predatory lending practices and to truly enjoy the fruits of their labour. How is this going to be possible? When people truly Understand Financing. Through over 20 years of financial services experience, everything from banking to mortgages and auto finance I have seen people make short sighted decisions. They try to win with respect to financing. What is winning? The biggest house? The fancy car in the driveway? I want people to be sustainable. Keep playing the game forever - generationally not just for their lifetime. But for their kids and their kids. I establish trust through listening without judgement because every individual has a unique story. I advise you with patience, but respectful honesty and present you with a plan then hold you accountable. I take care of my clients as whole human beings. Advise, educate and empower. My name is Alif Bharmal and I am the Chief Visionary Officer for Understand Financing.